Cody Black

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  • Experience – 20+ Years
  • Age – 43
  • Weight – Offseason 225lbs – Competition 200lbs
  • Email –
  • Phone – 832-938-3400

Cody Black

IFBB Classic Physique Pro


Cody began working out with weights at an early age as an athlete in multiple sports. He has always been fitness conscience. In 2011, he was exposed to a toxic gas that paralyzed his long thoracic nerve as well as partially paralyzed other major muscle groups in his body. He couldn’t lift his arms above his head despite well developed shoulders. After seeing many specialists and receiving the diagnosis, he was inspired to rehabilitate himself in the gym and began a rigorous training regimen. He slowly began to regain strength in his arms and could again lift his arms above shoulder level after over a year. He decided to totally commit to his rehabilitation and added the nutritional component to his routine. In 2014, Cody competed in his first amateur body building competition. He continued to apply himself 100% and competed in several more competitions. In June 2017 he represented team USA in the WABBA (World’s Athletic Body Building Association) and won 1st place in his division for Classic Body Building. Cody continued training and competed in the Master’s Nationals where he again won 1st place and obtained his IFBB(International Federation of Body Builders) Pro BodyBuilding status.

Cody has been a registered nurse (RN) since 1999 and owns First Picc Vascular Access Specialists, LLC, a business that provides vascular access services to critically ill patients in hospital settings.

He opened The Force Fitness in Bacliff, TX in January 2019 to serve the local community with his considerable expertise in the fields of healthcare, weight training, nutrition and motivation.

Cody leads a talented crew of trainers and nutrition counselors to help The Force Fitness members overcome their obstacles as Cody overcame his own.